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The goal is to travel the correct route at the correct speeds, and arrive at “checkpoints” precisely on time. You are scored on how closely to the correct time you arrive.

A TSD Road Rally is not a race, and no rally will ever require you to drive in a reckless or illegal fashion. Arriving too early at a checkpoint hurts your score, as does arriving too late. It is a precision driving event with rules-following and puzzle-solving along the way. TSD rallies are run on public roads and are suitable for any regular family car.


What Is A TSD Road Rally? 

Looking for a pleasant yet adventurous way to get away on a Sunday afternoon?
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In a Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) Road Rally, each team of two people (driver and navigator) is given a set of route directions to follow, and the speeds at which they should travel the route. The route will generally consist of rural and quieter back roads. At the very least, you'll have a nice drive in the country!

Novices are especially encouraged to participate in Road Rallies. Novices compete within a special Novice Class, and not with the more experienced rallyists (unless they want to).  It’s a friendly sport where the best competition is among friends, and results are based on who gets the least penalty points during a leg.

To participate in a Road Rally, you'll need to know the rules for understanding the route instructions. For example, the course-following instruction

    Turn right 1.00 miles beyond ``Dairy Queen''

is perfectly straightforward, but you won't know where to execute the instruction


unless you are familiar with the course-following rules. But don't worry. If you fail to stay on course, you're still okay since Road Rallies are fail-safed (meaning that the rallymaster anticipates your mistakes and plans for them) and you will soon be placed back on the correct route--often without your knowing you were ever off-course!

Fortunately, learning how to drive and navigate a Road Rally is simple and fun. Here are some files that will help you learn:

  1. A tutorial on road rallying.

  2. Information about the Blue Ridge Mountain Sports Car Club, a TSD rally club local to the Pittsburgh, Pa. area.

  3. The BRMSCC schedule.

  4. The BRMSCC helps put on the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Kick-off Rallye, the first event of each Vintage Week.

  5. Pittsburgh is home to the Steel Cities chapter of the Sports Car Club of America.

  6. A ``rally diary'' chronicling the adventures of Bob Glickstein [former CMU student & staph member] and his partner in the March, 1989 ``Night Owl'' rally. {need to locate}

  7. A sample, do-it-at-home ``Armchair Rally'' {need to locate}

  8. Rally Central, Clint Goss's rally resource pages.

For more information and current updates, send email to brmscc1 “at”

Originally from documents created by Bob Glickstein and Barb and Rick Lerner.

Adapted for the web by Esther Filderman.