Rally  Schedule


BRMSCC Rally dates for 2023:

Regular club events are between 50-100 mile in length, and may include some small sections of unpaved (public) roads. All dates listed below should be considered tentative, unless the event is being coordinated with another organization. BRMSCC events are regularly open to all; drivers must be licensed, insured and over 18. New folks are encouraged to bring extra folks!

No pre-registration is required unless noted. Cost is generally $10.00 per car,  special events and co-sponsored events may have different fees.

For each BRMSCC rally, a matching pair of trophies (one for driver, one for navigator) will be awarded for best overall score for the event, and one "place" trophy will be awarded for every four cars in each class. Novice classes are separate from experienced classes.

  1. --------- Previous Events ---------
  2. January 31st - 2022 Awards Banquet

  3. --------- Upcoming Events ---------
  4. Apr 14th - Rails to Trails - Rallymaster Rob

  5. May TBD - Open- Rallymaster Needed

  6. Jun TBD - Open - Rallymaster Needed

  7. Jul 21st - Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Kick-off Rallye

  8. Aug TBD - Rally - Rallymaster Jenny

  9. Sep/Oct - Rally - Rallymaster Justin

  10. Oct/Nov - Rally - Rallymaster Dwayne

  11. Dec - Open - Rallymaster Needed

BRMSCC Club meeting dates for 2024:

Food and natterings at 6:30, meeting business starts at 7:00 PM.

  1. Feb 13th - Zoom Online Meeting

  2. Apr 9th - Waterfront Eat-n-Park

  3. Jun 11th - Waterfront Eat-n-Park

  4. Aug 13th - Picnic Meeting (Contact Officer for Location)

  5. Oct 8th - Waterfront Eat-n-Park

  6. Dec 10th - 2025 Officer Elections - Waterfront Eat-n-Park

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